Thursday, March 2, 2017

Williston Basin Wells With History Of Producing More Than 50,000 Bbls Of Crude Oil In A Single Month

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Clarks Creek wells (MRO, EOG)
31149, Koala, Whiting,
33247, completed DUC, MRO, Mittelstadt, 70,000 bbls in one month;
17106, re-frack, BR, CCU, Bison Point, Corral Creek; 90,000 bbls in one month;
Several EOG Mandaree wells / Squaw Creek;
The WPX Caribou wells in Reunion / Mandaree.
Enerplus "butterfly" and "turtle" pad.
26028, 1,142, EOG, Wayzetta 41-2117H, Parshall, t12/13; cum 715K 2/17
Whitman 2-34H, over 1.5 million bbls; Oakdale oil field.
Rolla Federal in Twin Valley oil field.
Rolfson S in Sivertson oil field.
Golden in Deep Water Creek Bay oil field.
Flatland Federal wells in Twin Valley oil field.
Rolla Federal in Twin Valley oil field.
Skaar Federal in Twin Valley oil field: #27284; 63,815 bbls, 6/14; first month of production.
Skaar Federal in Twin Valley oil field: #22388; 52,440 bbls, 7/13; second month of production.
Flatland Federal 11-4HR, Twin Valley oil field: #27521; 56,457 bbls, 9/14; first month of production;
32514, 1,355, EOG, Mandaree 31-0706H, Squaw Creek, t12/16; cum 247K 4/17;
32513, 1,910, EOG, Mandaree 24-0706H, Squaw Creek, t12/16; cum 228K 4/17;
32512, 1,505, EOG, Mandaree 30, 0706H, Squaw Creek, t12/16; cum 157K 4/17; (just shy of 50K in one month)
32331, 2,204, BR, CCU Red River 1-2-16 MBH, SENW 16-147-95, Corral Creek, 9/15; cum 113K 5/17; 60K in one month;
31058, 3,661, MRO, Clarks Creek USA 14-35H, Antelope, t5/16; cum 267K 6/17; 52K in 20 days, extrapolates to 78K in 30-day month; 
17227, 2,191, EOG, Austin 21-28H, Parshall, t8/08; cum 1.035001 million bbls 7/17; (one section); many bumps in production over the years; never re-fracked; several wells in that section yet to be completed;
17222, 1,769, EOG, Austin 18-21H, Parshall, t9/08; cum 954K 7/18;

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