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#16983 and #17297, see this post;

Added in early March, 2019:
  • 25721, 1,863, XTO, Strommen 44X-7D, Killdeer, t11/13; cum 203K 1/19; back on line after being off line for six months;
  • 25720, 1,789, XTO, Strommen 44X-7H, Killdeer, t11/13; cum156K 1/19;  back on line after being off line for six months; 
  • 25569, 2,642, QEP, Dodge 2-6-7TH, Grail, t11/13; cum 331K 1/19;  
  • 25567, 2,307, QEP, Dodge 4-6-7BH, Grail, t11/13; cum 359K 1/19; comes off line 1/19; 
  • 25306, 2,460, QEP, Paul 1-26-35BH, Grail, t12/13; cum 441K 1/19; huge jump in production 3/18; all four wells on this pad were re-fracked and resulted in huge results: #25304; #25305; #23278
  • 25305, 2,243, QEP, Paul 2-26-35BH, Grail, t12/13; cum 393K 1/19; huge jump in 2/18; all four wells on this pad were re-fracked and resulted in huge results: #25304; #23278; #25306
  • 25183, 2,764, Slawson, River Rat Federal 3-23-14H,  Four Bears, t9/15; cum 246K 1/19; interesting production profile;
  • 25059, 1,086, Hess, BB-Chapin 151-95-0506H-4, Blue Buttes, t1/14; cum 216K 1/19; back on line; small jump in production;
  • 24945, 1,359, XTO, Sorkness State 24X-36A, Sorkness, t11/13; cum 218K 1/19; comes off line 1/19;

  • 22750, 455, Foundation Energy/Whiting, Rieckhoff 44-22, Camel Hump, a Red River well; t8/12; cum 256K 1/19;
Recently added, need to be placed in correct spot:

32559, Flatland, Whiting, Banks;
32418, Austin 422-2821H, Parshall, EOG; another nice well, t6/16; cum 431K 1/19; 
32379, see the Werre Trust wells, Bear Creek, XTO; 
31753, Maryland, CLR, Catwalk;
31735, Lost Bridge, Newfield, Lost Bridge;
31357, Nashville, CLR, Catwalk;
31310, AN-Brenna, Hess, Antelope-Sanish;
31038, Vachal, Statoil, Alger,
30972, Gudmunson, BR, Elidah, 30966, Uhlman Federal, CLR, Banks,
30965, Uhlman Federal, CLR, Banks,
30964, Uhlman Federal, CLR, Banks,
30092, CCU Dakotan, Corral Creek, see #32330;
29871, Werre Trust, XTO, Bear Creek;
29610, Cheryl, Equinor, Banks;
29473, Candee, CLR, Chimney Butte, no explanation; 
29191, Rennerfeldt, CLR, Brooklyn oil field, follow-up on this later; was it re-fracked? FracFocus shows no re-frack; only a single frack back in 2015;
28990, CLR, Radermacher, Camel Butte; small re-frack; huge results;
28800, Florida, CLR, Camp;
28779, Hammerhead wells, BR, Sand Creek
28688, State, QEP, Grail
28588, WPX, Victor Elk 32-29HA, Reunion Bay;
28414, Sand Creek Federal, Newfield, Sand Creek,
28336, Sivertson Rush, CLR, Elidah oil field,
28161, BB-Budahn, Hess, Blue Buttes,  
28018, 28017, 22334, 26214, USA, Petro-Hunt, Charlson oil field
28017, 28018, 22334, 26214, USA, Petro-Hunt, Charlson oil field
27831, CLR, Jersey, Alkali Creek oil field;
27590, Viceroy, Enerplus, Antelope oil field
27564, Holstein Federal, CLR, Elm Tree, 
27520, Flatland Federal, Whiting, Twin Valley
27284, Skaar Federal, Whiting, Twin Valley
27208, Charlson USA, Petro-Hunt, Charlson
26419, Archer TFH, BR, Charlson oil field;
26214, 22334, 28018, 28017, USA, Petro-Hunt, Charlson oil field
26206, 1,077, Petro-Hunt, Sherven Trust 153-95-27B-2H, Charlson, t1/14; cum 306K 3/19; huge jump in 8/18; no evidence of any re-frack;
26040, Kuhn Federal, CLR, Camp oil field -- halo
26028, Wayzetta, EOG, Parshall oil field;
25802, Koala Wold, Whiting, Banks oil field; also, here;
25581, P Evitt, Whiting, Truax oil field;
25569, Dodge, QEP, Grail oil field, 
25442, Kummer, QEP, Grail oil field,
25049, Alamo, Slawson, Big Bend
24980, BR, Corral Creek;
24337, EOG, Hawkeye, Antelope-Sanish;
24253, HRC, Fort Berthold, Four Bears oil field,
24209, MHA, QEP, Heart Butte oil field;
23891, MacCougar, Slawson, Big Bend
23714, Memphis, CLR, Last Chance oil field,
23550, Fort Berthold, Antelope-Sanish; not re-fracked;
23279, Anna, CLR, Last Chance oil field,
23278, 2,143, QEP, Paul 1-26/35H, Grail, Three Forks, t1/14; cum 281K 1/19; huge jump in 3/18; re-fracked 2/18; 30 stages; about 9 million lbs; all four wells on this pad were re-fracked and resulted in huge results: #25304; #25305; #25306;
23097, MHA, QEP, Heart Butte oil field;
23093, MHA, QEP, Heart Butte oil field;
23041, XTO, Gilbertson, Siverston oil field;
22986, Alfsvaag, CLR, Crazy Man Creek;
22808, Cheryl, Statoil, Banks oil field
22679, Helena, CLR, Brooklyn;
22621, Chameleon State 153-97-16-21-2H, Whiting, Banks, see bump in production here; update here;
22375, 22235, 19740, 19590  -- 
22371, Hazel, QEP, Grail oil field;
22361, Tarpon Federal, Whiting, Twin Valley oil field;
22334, 26214, 28018, 28017, USA, Petro-Hunt, Charlson oil field
22286, Whiting, Buckman, Bell oil field
22235, 19740, 19590, 22375,   --
22206, XTO, Lundin, huge jump; not re-fracked; posted
22202, a small jump in production;
22154, CLR, Pittsburgh, Banks, huge jump; not re-fracked
21977, Florida, CLR, Camp oil field; updated;
21907, Shorty, Statoil, Stony Creek oil field,
21907, Shorty, Statoil, Stony Creek oil field,
21903, Crane Federal, Oasis, Willow Creek;
21815, Richard, Statoil, Banks oil field
21797, Black Federal, Kraken Federal, Oliver oil field
21786, Rink, XTO, Garden oil field, 
21692, Todd, CRL, Last Chance oil field,
21657, Forland, Oasis, Siverston oil field, a middle Bakken with huge jump after TF fracked;
21647, Tobacco Garden, XTO, Tobacco Garden oil field
21644, Skarston, Equinor/Statoil, Banks oil field;
21626, Hobart, Kraken Operating, Oliver oil field,
21600, Rochester, CLR, North Tobacco Garden
21596, Coyote, Slawson, Big Bend
21595, Jericho, Slawson, Big Bend
21564, Levang, QEP, Blue Buttes
21488, Antelope, CLR, Elm Tree oil field,
21429, BB-Eide, Hess, Blue Buttes -- small jump after 30509 fracked
21428, BB-Eide, Hess, Blue Buttes -- small jump after 30509 fracked
21331, Foreman 5-2/1H, QEP, Spotted Horn,
21258, Nora, SM Energy, Poe oil field,
21148, Pasadena 1-11H, CLR, Banks;
21128, Charlotte 2-22H, CLR, Banks, TF2
21046, a re-frack, Equinor, Jack #1
21045, a re-frack, Equinor, Ruth #2
20991, Fertile, EOG, Parshall,
20981, Hall, Enerplus, Spotted Horn; 20979, Mortenson, Oasis, Rosebud;
20965, MHA, QEP, Heart Butte oil field;

20964, MHA, QEP, Heart Butte oil field; 
20926, Skunk Creek, Rimrock, South Fork; nice bump in production 7/17; four neighboring wells recently fracked 
20919, Fort Berthold, HRC, Eagle Nest oil field,
20892, Clarks, Creek, EOG;
20887, Clarks Creek, EOG, Clarks Creek oil field; also here;
20879, Fort Berthold, HRC, McGregory Buttes,
20874, Oppegard, Whiting, Truax, 
20862, McCoy, XTO, a re-frack;
20856; huge jump; not re-fracked;
20851, Forge, Enerplus, McGregory Buttes, re-frack
20812, Hammerhead, BR, Sand Creek
20807, Dvirnak, CLR, Jim Creek;
20806, Dvirnak, CLR, Jim Creek;
20731, Hagen, Oasis, Banks oil field;
20630, Equinor, Banks State; a re-frack;
20629, Patterson, CLR, Camp oil field,
20602, Clarks Creek, EOG, Antelope oil field;
20600, Blackmedicine, XTO, Heart Butte;
20591, QEP, Jones, Grail oil field;
20582, Ames, XTO, Grinnell, re-frac; also here;
20521, XTO, Lost Bridge;20520, XTO, Bang Federal, Lost Bridge;
20468, BR, Blue Buttes, Lovaas
20465, Oasis, Rolfson, Siverston, see if this was a refrac, see next well, #20464
20464, Oasis, Rolfson, Siverston, a refrac,
20460, Oasis, Oyloe, North Tobacco Garden; halo effect;
20342, USA, Petro-Hunt, Charlson;
20324, Midnight Run, BR, Union Center;
20296, Ross, EOG, Alger oil field;
20282, Statoil, Airport wells, jump in production; not re-fracked;
20238, WPX, Spotted Horn, Squaw Creek oil field;
20233, MRO, Marlin; huge jump; halo; posted at main blog
20212, CLR, Whitman 3-34H, Oakdale, huge re-frack, 9/17;
20203, not yet fracked; should be? Slawson, Stallion, cum 429K 5/18;
20087, Enerplus, Hudson, Mandaree;
20085, Nelson, Zavanna, Long Creek;
19981, Gust, Zavanna, Long Creek;
19996, Alamo, Slawson, Big Bend;
19973, Wolf, WPX, Squaw Creek; and, here;
19970, Nelson, Whiting, Truax oil field
19960, Kaye, XTO, Lost Bridge
19947, Matter State, Trendwell Energy, Woburn oil field,
19946, Spratley, Oasis, Alkali Creek
19934, Bailey, CLR, Pershing oil field;
19930, Russell, Statoil, Painted Woods, mini-re-frack
***19890, Johnson, XTO, Siverston,  
19889, Sand Creek, XTO, Sand Creek oil field,
19859, Chameleon State 153-97-16-21-1H, Whiting/Newfield, see bump in production here;
19857, Wood, Whiting, Truax oil field,
19797, Pittsburgh, CLR, Banks -- huge jump 1/18; FracFocus -- no data
19787, Redfield, Kraken Lone Tree Lake; small jump but definite
19764, Vachal, Statoil, Alger -- huge jump; FracFocus -- no re-frack 
19740, 19590, 22375, 22235, -- 
19651, Koala, Whiting, Poe oil field,
19639, Cook, Oasis, Willow Creek oil field;
19603, Mandaree, WPX, Reunion Bay, somewhat interesting production profile;
19590, Chicago, CLR, Banks; and this post;
19566, Deep Creek, XTO, Lost Bridge, a re-fracked well; small re-frack, 2 million lbs sand;
19548, Gudmunson, CLR, Elidah oil field,
19514, Jones USA, MRO, Reunion Bay, a re-frack, late 2018;
19473, Crow Flies High, Antelope-Sanish
19468, Wold, Whiting, Banks oil field, 
19424, Bud, CRL, Crazy Man Creek oil field,
19397, Buelingo, CLR, Elm Tree field
19388, Nordeng, CLR, Elidah oil field,
19350, Ceynar, Oasis, Banks oil field;
19326, Koeser, XTO, Siverston oil field,
19289, Beaks, WPX, Mandaree oil field,
19288, Veeder, BR, Blue Buttes, halo; this is a better post;
19232, CRL, Quale, Antelope oil field,
19144, MRO, TAT USA, Antelope; next to a record Bakken well; was re-fracked 11/17; updated here;
19126, CLR, Banks, Lansing 1-25H, see this post
19073, XTO, Dakota Federal, Haystack Butte oil field, also here;
19072, XTO, Big Gulch Federal, Haystack Butte oil field, also here;
19000, Slawson, Van Hook, Goblin;
18991, QEP, MHA, Deep Creek Bay, re-fracked;
18987, Two Shields Butte, RimRock, Heart Butte, fracking delayed; huge frack results;
18987, Two Shields Butte, RimRock, Heart Butte,
18973, State, QEP, Grail oil field
18970, Pike Federal, Slawson, Van Hook: link here
18843, Ross, EOG, Alger
18797, TAT State Federal, XTO, Bear Creek
18786, Wisness, Whiting, Pembroke oil field,
18705, Patten, Hunt, Parshall oil field,
18651, Berquist, Oasis, Banks oil field,
18541, Dimmick Lake, CLR, Miles;
18411, Mandaree, EOG, Squaw Creek oil field
18382, 267, MRO, Lazy De 34-7H, Bailey, t6/10; cum 281K 4/18;
18380, Bullrush, CLR, Elidah oil field,
18341, Fort Berthold, HRC, McGregory Buttes oil field,
18271, BB-Chapin, Hess, Blue Buttes oil field,
18245, HA-Nelson, Hess, Hawkeye oil field,
18224, Hendrickson, CLR, Elm Tree oil field; production updated at this link;
18218, BB-Federal, Hess, Blue Buttes oil field,
18191, Raymond, MRO, Reunion oil field;
18157, Rollefstad, CLR, Antelope oil field;
18112, Porcupine Ridge; XTO, Bear Creek; definitely a jump in production 9/15; neighboring well fracked just before that;
18111, Thompson wells, Petro-Hunt; huge jump; 462K 9/18;
18051, Two Shields Butte, RimRock, Heart Butte,
18047, 17680, 18018, Teton, BR, Johnson Corner oil field,
18042, Richard Bangen, MRO, Reunion Bay oil field,
18039, Lost Bridge oil field, XTO, Deep Creek Federal/Jorgenson; 18039, huge jump 10/18; FracFocus -- no re-frack;  but the company says the well was re-fracked September, 2018;
18018, Teton, BR, Johnson Corner oil field,
17986, Oasis, Aagvik, Banks; see update here;
17978, WPX, Nathan Hale, Spotted Horn, 
17940, QEP, MHA, Deep Water Creek Bay, 
17939, Roggenbuck, CLR, Banks,
17880, XTO, Werre Trust, Bear Creek;
17870, Fertile, EOG, Parshall,
17851, Fertile 9-08H, Parshall oil field; 17851 -- very nice bump, 20622 -- small bump
17828, Parshall 19-35, EOG, Parshall oil field,
17797, a MRO re-frack, Lazy DE 24-7H, Bailey, 
17758, Alice Federal, Newfield, Sand Creek oil field,
17756, CCU Boxcar, BR, Corral Creek
17755, Roscoe, Statoil, Banks -- huge jump -- no evidence it was fracked
17754, Fertile, EOG, Parshall oil field,
17680, 18018, Teton, BR, Johnson Corner oil field,
17636, Helling Trust, Oasis, Alkali Creek,
17629; posted
17628, huge jump in production; MRO re-frack in Bailey oil field;
17614, EOG, Austin 20-29H, huge jump in production;
17582, Mimir Uran, Oasis, Sanish,
17580, Parshall, EOG, Parshall oil field, (29190)
17579, Peacemaker, Slawson, Sanish
17505, Wold, Slawson, Van Hook, huge jump 11/16;
17424, Lost Bridge, XTO, Robert Federal, several new wells affected this one;
17407, XTO, Lost Bridge, Fenton Federal; and here; great story for this one
17400, Sherven Trust, Petro-Hunt, Charson oil field, a re-frack,
17363, Four Bears, Enerplus, Four Bears oil field,
17356, Archer, BR, Charlson -- huge jump; great graphics
17348, Lost Bridge Federal, Newfield, Lost Bridge oil field,
17325, Gros Ventre, Liberty Resources, Thorlaksen; see this post;
17323, Mary Ann, BR, Johnson Corner,
17291, Jerome, BR, North Fork oil field,
17271, Blue Buttes, BR, Copper Draw; an old well; production has come back; a re-fracked well; 
17222, Austin, EOG, many bumps in production; according to FracFocus, never re-fracked;
17213, BR, a re-frack, 2014; FracFocus does have data for the re-frack;
17200; BR, Dimmick Lake; neighboring wells fracked; this well with huge jump in production;
17176, an MRO re-frack, 2014;
17120, Austin 10-34H, EOG, Parshall;
17118, a re-frack, 2014;
17107, no evidence of re-frack; small jump in production, MRO, Bailey oil field,
17106, BR, CCU Bison Point, Corral Creek;
17097, a re-frack, MRO, Ladonna Klatt, Chimney Butte; and here;
17089, CLR, Bridge, Rattlesnake Point, a great example for those folks who say one can pretty much predict how things will play out in the Bakken (12/18) 
17086, huge jump, Jorgenson, Newfield, Lost Bridge, an incredibly important example;
17070,Hess, Hawkeye; nice jump 6/17;
17060, moderate jump, Burk, Hess, Blue Buttes oil field
17051, Parshall, EOG, Parshall oil field,
17049, Larry Repp, MRO, Lake Ilo, 
17037 (27158)
17030, EOG, Parshall; 822K;
17028, EOG, Parshall; 648K;
17020, Hess, Hawkeye field; 437K
17019, EOG, Parshall; 531K
16993, MRO, Buehner, Bailey, 
16971, Evenson, EOG, Parshall oil field,
16964, Voigt, MRO, Bailey oil field,
16952, Christensen, MRO, Bailey oil field
16950, Bergstrom, EOG, Parshall oil field,
16828, Kelly, XTO, West Capa oil field,
16811, T Kupper, MRO, Chimney Butte oil field,
16791, Demicks Lake, BR, Dimmick Lake
16780, Liffrig, Whiting, Sanish
16772, MRO, Pennington-- refracked in 2013; huge refrack;
16736; MRO, Bill Connolly, Bailey; 
16730, Anderson Ranch, BR, Camel Butte oil field, 
16726, two MRO Benz wells; Bailey oil field,
16716, Pletan, CLR, Jim Creek oil field, 
16704, Darcy, MRO, Bailey oil field,
16694, Mogen, Hess, Hawkeye oil field,
16686, Shobe, Mro, Reunion Bay,
16684, Christie, EOG, Parshall oil field,
16677, Beck, MRO, Bailey oil field -- re-frack
16671, Cormylo, EOG, Parshall oil field,
16667, Loren, Parshall, Parshall oil field,
16666, Bob Tuhy, MRO, Bailey oil field,
16656, Hazel, XTO, Capa oil field
16652, Levang, QEP, Blue Buttes oil field,
16626, Kupper, MRO, Chimney Butte oil field, no post -- FracFocus does have data for the re-frac;
16610, BB-Olson, Hess, Blue Buttes oil field, a re-fracked well;
16509, Candee, CRL, Chimney Butte oil field;
16328, Marmon Hahn, XTO, Hofflund oil field;
16327, two MRO Benz wells; Bailey oil field,
16186, Murex, Angie Marie, Beaver Lodge
16180, Marlin, MRO, Chimney Butte,
15923, Titan, XTO, Siverston; jump in production; neighboring wells re-fracked;
14974, Mondak Federal, White Rock, Mondak oil field,
Various, Bullrush, Elidah oil field,
Various, Gudmunson, CLR, Elidah oil field,
Various, Haymaker, CLR, Elidah oil field,
Various, Gudmunson, CLR, Elidah oil field,
Various, KDM, QEP, Grail oil field,
Various, Cleo, BR, Croff oil field,
Various, Prairie wells, EOG, Round Prairie oil field,
Various, Koala, Whiting/KOG, Poe oil field,



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